Overlays in the modeler

In some other topics you mentioned “overlays” as solution for displaying internals and KPIs. Nevertheless, it requires some programming do make them visible. Is it possible to add a property in the right side panel and display it as overlay by normal user action like clicking a checkbox?

hey @frasal99,

to make sure I understand your suggestion, when selecting a BPMN element you want to be able to add an overlay with some text, through the properties panel (right side panel) by adding a custom field and making it visible with a checkbox?


hej ricardomathias,
i read about “overlays” in some other topics, but I presume that they are only visible with programming knowledge. On the other hand, it would be rather valuable to display some internal KPIs like Running times with the tasks, having opportunity to lend them out again. This brought me to the suggestion to make overlays available to the user without any programming. I do not know anything about using overlays so that it was only an idea. My second thought is to have an “Overlay” section in the general properties, where you can list up to three properties to display in overlays. There are displayed near the object only if the globally selected property is specified in the properties of the object.