Overlapping Sequence Flows Causing Confusion

The default connection for an element (Task) to another element (Gateway), in some scenarios, overlaps the existing sequence flows which cause confusion. An example of such scenario is attached.


A user can always grab and drag overlapping sequence flow to make it visually correct, by it is a usability concern.

Can we do something to not to overlap an existing sequence flow by default, or, be able to “see” the overlapping flows that highlight overlapping arrows?

Another scenario depicting this issue:


This is technically possible though it would require quite a lot of effort. In the second scenario what would be the desired layout?

I believe any of the below layouts shall be acceptable - the idea is to prevent overlapping arrows.



Can you please share your thoughts on how do you plan to address this issue?

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To be honest in that case I’d rather move the Transform task. Both of your proposed layouts look broken to me. We’re not planning to address this in the near future. If you you want to work on a solution in the meantime you’re welcome.

Can you please explain why both of the proposed layout look broken?

The overlapping arrows in above scenario causes confusion and therefore we are looking for an option where we can avoid it.

Long story short: It’s possible, to build smarter layout algorithms, but we will not do that in the near future.