Only allow user to edit sub set of outputs or inputs columns in decision table


In a decision table, we want to control user so that they can only edit few output or inputs columns while have read only view on other columns. For example in a decision table with two output columns A and B. When the user double clicks on A, they will be able to edit the column name, expression, type etc in the menu. But the menu should appear when they double click on column B, cause they should have read only view on column B. But they are free to edit all the rows which are rules for each column.

I noticed that we can provide a config like below to allow user to be able to edit input or output columns, but this will enable or disable for all input or output columns.

const disableColumnsEdit = {
  inputEditingProvider: ["value", {}],
  outputEditingProvider: ["value", {}],

In this example, the edit will be disabled if we pass empty object after value, is there any other options we can provide instead of {} if anyone knows?


We don’t provide such feature out of the box.

The decision table is an extensible library, you’d likely be able to hack such functionality in there. Please consult the services you mocked. Maybe that gives you a clue how “editing” is plugged in to the table (which should be dynamic, based on input, in your case).

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