OnClick event - Can the Javascript call PNG, HTML

I’m just doing some dreaming here.

I noticed the onClick event and was wondering if it could be used to call some JavaScript or HTML to display a static image or jump to a local or remote HTML file.

An example would be (User-Event) Complete Regular Request form. The onClick event would display an image of the actual regular request form that was already designed or coded using “.NET.”

Open to any and all suggestions.

Hi GeekMustHave,

please provide some more context to your question. Your example for leveraging an onClick event isn’t clear to me.

@FaHinse thank you.

I have done some additional research on the BPMN file and the SVG version of the BPMN file.

I was headed down the wrong track by focusing on the SVG file. I understand now that the BPMN file should be the reference for the model.

I’m going to redirect my focus.

Hi @GeekMustHave,

Happy to hear that I could help you!