Npm install missing test source


It appears that since release 0.23.0, the test source is missing from the bpmn-js package when installing with npm. Has this been moved to another npm package?

I’m installing the version like this npm install bpmn-js@0.23.0 --save.

My node version is 7.3.0 and npm version is 4.0.5.

Anyone else having this issue?

This is not broken on the library side but on the npm side.

Unfortunately it looks like the default install behavior of npm > 3 will not unpack the test folder anymore.

Just to check, if I run npm install bpmn-js@0.22.1 --save, the test dir installs. Is this expected?

All right then. It may be about the publishing then. We’ll investigate this.

Ok, thanks for investigating. Also, Thank You for bpmn-js, it’s a very nice library!

Quick investigation results:

  • Does not publish test folder with package:
    npm -v
  • Does publish test folder with package:
    npm -v

As mentioned, this is a bug in npm. Published patch releases of bpmn-js and diagram-js with the test folder included.