No provider for "#canvas"! when rendering bpmn diagram

When rendering the bpmn diagram, i’m using the following code:

var viewer = new BpmnJS({

        container: '#canvas'



      viewer.get('#canvas'); //use 'fit-viewport' for full size

      }, err => {

        console.log("bpmn error: " + err);


The diagram renders properly, but i still receive the following error in the console:

vendor.js:70186 ERROR Error: No provider for “#canvas”! (Resolving: #canvas)


viewer.importXML is an async API. You need to await for its completion.

Check here:

First of all you should wait for the import to finish. Second, the error message clearly shows that there is no feature called #canvas, you probably want to use canvas:

await bpmnJS.importXML(xml);

const canvas = bpmnJS.get('canvas');