New to BPMN but have some questions with regards to my flow

In terms of BPMN, does this flow make sense? Especially around the use of Gateway after Gateway?

BPMN Screenshot

Hi @Maestro,

it is not wrong. But maybe it is easier to read when you use only a single gateway and put more logic into the label and the conditions on the sequence flows.

The conditions on the sequence flows doesn’t have to be only Y or N. You can use three sequence flows with more complex decisions and combine variables with AND or OR.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hi @Ingo_Richtsmeier,

Firstly, thank you for your reply.

Visually I am struggling to see how a singular gateway could encapsulate the entire flow. I have been playing around with it, but still not quite sure how to do it.

Are you suggesting a singular complex gateway which branches off to more logical conditions with XOR etc?

Thanks for your time.


Hi @Maestro ,

my idea was something like this:

In the end, it could be that your model does fit better to the given situation. But I like it to compare different approaches directly and decide then, which alternative is the better one.

Hope this helps, Ingo

@Ingo_Richtsmeier ahhh ok, I see what you are saying! I think this works relatively well and certainly can be easier on the eye! Let me rework the whole flow and see how it looks.

Thanks once again.