Need to modify bpmn-js property panel and menu

I want to be able to add an item to the bpmjs menu item .
Also I want to set initial values for the input/output parameters for that item.

Please see the attached image for details.

I searched for any relevant code in the properties-panel folder but I couldn’t found. Though I do find files having code for the menu in the dist/ folder.
Please let me know what should be done to :
i) Add an item to the menu
ii) Set a parameter of the property panel programmatically.

Hi Hassan,

  1. Even I am looking for help to add item in Menu. If you found anything please share.
  2. For retrieving values programmatically, you can do -
    var eventbus = modeler.get(‘eventBus’);
    eventbus.on(‘’,function(e){var x =; });

Regarding adding entries to the popup menu, you can see how it’s implemented here. In order to add your entries to the popup menu you have to implement your own provider (see a basic example here) or override an existing one like the bpmn-js replace menu provider.

If you want to add initial properties to your elements the properties panel is not the right place for that since it only displays existing properties and lets you change those. You could simply modify the BpmnElementFactory which is responsible for creating new elements.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Phillips a lot