Need more exports from the @bpmn-io/properties-panel package


I am extending Properties Panel of Modeller with my custom properties.

Some utility entries like Tooltip and Description are widely used internally in the @bpmn-io/properties-panel package for different types of entries, but it is required to create similar or just copy those files into my project, because they are not exposed to be imported.

It would be really nice, if @bpmn-io/properties-panel would export things…

I guess you build a fairly custom-made extension. Could you share some more details?

You can already attach tooltips using currently exported facilities.

Well, that is an example for the group, and I am making entries components.
For example, I have due date editor, which accounts for working days calendars I have in my system.
That is an entry with text field and a button, which opens up a dialog for configuring Due Date options.
I also have some other custom entry components.

As for Description - looks like it was a false alarm - we are using

import {DescriptionEntry as Description} from '@bpmn-io/properties-panel'

But when it comes to rendering a tooltip in an entry component, which is not based on any other entries, it need to have tooltip as part of its own markup.
Currently, I had to copy in project content of

That’s what markup of the component looks like:



        ... skipped a bit ...


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Happy to take a contribution to expose Tooltip, if Description is already exposed in a similar manner.