Need consulting for diagram-js


My company has a project that uses diagram-js alone (no bpmn-js) to implement a fairly complex domain-specific version of flow charts. There are times that it would be useful to have a consulting relationship so that problems can be resolved quickly, design approaches can be validated, etc. As far as I know we are not a Camunda customer. Would the company provide consulting to an enterprise that only needs it for developing on top of the open-source diagram-js project?

If so, please let me know who to contact.

Thanks in advance,
Kelly Denehy

Hi @kdenehy,

currently, the bpmn-io toolkit which includes diagram-js is not part of the enterprise version of Camunda. Therefore we currently don’t offer any consulting on that side. That might change in the future, but currently there are no plans to do so.

If you have any question regarding diagram-js, do not hesitate to ask us here in the forum. We will always try to help you.