Name in Group element not rendered

group_name.bpmn (2.3 KB)

Attached diagram was created with signavio. The group name is missing when I open it in

   <category id="sid-07242b42-d1e6-4bb4-a909-c01b67e55fd1">
      <categoryValue id="sid-19b29933-7fee-4cc8-b4ad-0e2749f5024f" value="my group"/>
   <process id="sid-554b47de-a0e3-48be-a676-a348ce3bb91d" isExecutable="false" processType="None">
         <signavio:signavioDiagramMetaData metaKey="revisionid" metaValue="64982a7ff2f14bcea04a5d016bd89e49"/>
      <group categoryValueRef="sid-19b29933-7fee-4cc8-b4ad-0e2749f5024f" id="sid-6E00D55B-26A5-42C3-A2C7-B76521395632">
            <signavio:signavioMetaData metaKey="userstory" metaValue=""/>

Am I correct that the Name you are missing is “my group”?

This seams to be in the related category, which looks unusual from a BPMN perspective. That is probably the reason, why no label is displayed at the moment.

Does anyone know, if this is according to the BPMN Spec?

You are correct. The name of the group should be “my group”.

It is correct according to the BPMN 2.0 spec. A group itself does not have a name and can only be named (if you need it) via the category value it is attached to.


Is this problem being resolved?
Since @nikku said that the category value is correct according to BPMN 2.0 spec, but it seems like the viewer still not support rendering it. Is there any improvement plan regarding this?

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Please share a diagram that should display the group name and we’re happy to have a look.

Additional note: I’ve created this issue to track progress on this matter in our backlog.

Just opened a PR which should adjust the current renderer by handling group-names