Multiple lanes in pool

Hi everyone,

I’m testing the demo right now but I didn’t succeed to create multiple lanes in a pool (like BPMN suggest when you have a company with multiple business unit).

Do you know if it’s possible ? If yes, how do you do that ?

Thanks a lot.
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Hi @Ced and welcome to the forum,

do you want to add additional lanes via user interaction or via API?

Assuming you want to do this via user interaction: this can easily be done using the context pad:


Hi @maxtru ,

Thanks for the answer. It was more something like this (when you see a split between sales and distribution)

I just realize you just have to double click the lane to put texte in it.

Thanks for the help

Hey @Ced,

just facing the same “issue”. Could you explain how you got the borders for the title boxes of “Distribution” and “Sales”? When I double click in the lane it only displays the text but there’s no border for the title:




Sorry but the example doesnt come from me. It’s an example I found on the web (I supposed it’s not using

With bpmn there is no border for the lane.


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Thanks for the fast reply anyways :slight_smile:

@maxtru, there is a behaviour with lanes I don’t yet understand:

When creating a Pool, I can devide it into two lanes. When double-clicking on one of those lanes I can add a title for the lane (second lane in this example - borders are missing).
When dividing the first lane, it creates a box left to the lanes (why?) Then I can delete the second lane and the box will stay there. With adding text to it, I got exactly what was required as a title for the first lane in the pool including borders.

Do you have an explanation why this box is created when dividing into two lanes and why it is not available for each lane when dividing into multiple lanes?


Hi @maple,

the boxes in the left part of the lane indicate a lane set. You can have lanesets nested within each other. Something like this:

Also see the respective BPMN XML:

    <bpmn:laneSet id="LaneSet_0a3f5ju">
      <bpmn:lane id="Lane_020s3j1" name="Department A">
        <bpmn:childLaneSet id="LaneSet_14trla8">
          <bpmn:lane id="Lane_1e7l5fs" name="Team 2" />
          <bpmn:lane id="Lane_0g3wizy" name="Team 1" />
      <bpmn:lane id="Lane_0i8u052" name="Department B" />

This means the screenshot you showed shows a Department 1 (which is a lane set) which has an empty lane inside.

Does this help?

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Thanks @maxtru , that really clarifies.
I guess the borders around the title of a lane is personal taste then :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend!

Hi @maple,

the borders around the lane titles were dropped in the BPMN 2.0 standard. BPMN 1.2 and before specified them.

Hope this helps, Ingo