Mouse Navigation

I’m not a developer or contributor to this platform, just a user. But I wanted to share some feedback on the mouse navigation:
tl/dr: scroll wheel should zoom
Coming from a CAD background, I love that I can click-drag to pan. It’s so intuitive, every model-space interface should work this way. Unfortunately, you haven’t done the other thing every model-space interface should do: scroll to zoom. Instead of using the scroll wheel to control the only remaining direction of movement (in-out, since up-down and left-right are covered by click-drag), you’ve used the scroll wheel as a redundant backup for controlling the up-down direction… why? Please fix!

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

We did carefully consider which option to go for when we decided for the default mouse wheel action being scroll. Read about it here and follow along our decision process.

TLDR: Historically we had mousewheel to zoom as the default action. We’ve changed it to mousewheel to scroll to map default application and browser behavior (on all platforms).