Module to programmatically populate collapsed subprocess from XML

I finally found time to cleanup and wrap my solution for


into a module

This module adds an “Import into empty subprocess” menu item into the popup menu of collapsed and empty subprocesses. With this menu item, contents loaded from an external BPMN model file can be used to populate the subprocess.


My #1 issue is that in my current solution I don’t know how I can pass the moddleExtensions of the main modeler to the temporary modeler that is needed to import the BPMN file. This is necessary to also copy custom extensions which are lost otherwise.

I see two possible solutions:

  • instantiate the module with an argument passing the moddleExtensions
  • automatically determine the moddleExtensions from the main modeler bpmnjs

Unfortunately, I don’t have a clue how either works and any help would be appreciated.

Problem with moddleExtensions is now fixed in the bpmn-js-subprocess-importer module.

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