Modifying Line connections


I need help on how to do this? not sure if this is possible? (see image below)
I am trying to connect line from task inside of sub process to another sub process and also allow task inside sub process again to other task inside of other subprocess.

Image diagram

Hi @Mark_Salvania,

what exactly do you mean by “line”? BPMN diagrams can have sequence flows and message flows. Sequence flows cannot trigger Tasks outside of the current (sub-)process.

It seems that you want to model the interaction between different Services. Maybe a Collaboration is a better fit for you?

I see, but is there a way to modify the restriction of connections? just for the sub process part. Just need task inside a subprocess can connect to another subprocess or task

You can create new rules that allow you to connect Elements across Subprocess boundaries. Here is the rule you want to override.

However, if you decide to go this way, you won’t be able to execute the resulting BPMN, as it is no longer valid.


I see. No problem we only want it to be able to create diagrams based on our specification and can be downloaded in SVG :slight_smile: thank you !