Modify property panel

In the property panel in form type, i want to give a dropdown option for select form, so user can select form from that list, i want to call API for get that list or it should be available in any variable. is it possible to do that in property panel ?

is it possible to modify in property panel to make it easy for user to choose forms.

It is possible and would require to create a custom properties provider based on existing ones. Have a look at this example.

Thanks @barmac for your valuable response.

Hello @barmac , i want to extend camunda property panel, your given solution is for create complete new proeprty panel, could you please help to do that

Please share a running / prototypical example that clearly shows what you’re trying to achieve, what is working and what is not.

Use our existing starter projects to quickly hack it or share your existing, partial solution on GitHub or via a CodeSandbox. Provide the necessary pointers that allow us to quickly understand where you got stuck.

This way we may be able to help you in a constructive manner.

Thanks :heart:

i have tried but, either work only property panel magic tab or camunda property panel, i’ll try to share git repo for reference. Here is the my progress react-bpmn-js/App.js at master · atulbaldaniya/react-bpmn-js · GitHub, it enable only last added property panel

You are using an older version of the properties panel. Just today we shipped the v0.41.0 version with support for multiple providers. Beforehand, it was not possible to have multiple providers, and always the last would be included.

I’m sure you will also have to update your provider to work properly, please cf. to our updated examples to see how it works.

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Thanks @Niklas_Kiefer , i should say you have shipped new version at the right time. once again thank you so much

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