Modeling repository

Is there a feature planned for a modeling environment that can support modeling repository (or modeling project) with multiple models inside? Then users can navigate through their multiple processes. I understand this requires some backend support. But is there a way to support this in our side? (implementing a server side on our side or locally).

Sorry for not answering you earlier, we were busy cutting the new bpmn-js release ;-).

bpmn-js is 100% client-side and provides you with two basic interfaces:

  • Modeler#importXML(xml, fn)
  • Modeler#saveXML(fn)

Tool vendors typically build their own repository with the technology of their choice around it.

Speaking of our project we do not plan to provide a repository ourselves. However in the future there will surely be other tools, i.e. the Camunda Modeler that have a notion of workspaces and interconnected models.

I wasn’t aware that Camunda Modeler manages interconnected models. That’s great info, I will have a look at that.

Aaahh, my bad. The Camunda Modeler has no notion of workspaces yet but I can see it getting that in the future.

The point I wanted to make is: It is about tools embedding bpmn-js to create that kind of integration not the library itself.

Ah, I get your point. Yes, repository management is a different feature on its own. Still, will follow Camunda Modeler to see what is coming out of it. :wink: