Modeler - Localization

Is there a way to localize the modeler UI without directly modifying the source code? For example the “Change type” submenu you get on tasks and the various buttons tooltips.

At the current point, there is no internationalization possible.

Hmm. Well a dirty workaround would be to dynamically replace the labels when various menus are shown/opened. But for that case we would need the function to also fire an event for ex “”. Just like there is a “” event. Because now when you click on the wrench icon of a task there is no way to tell that a menu was opened. Or i am wrong?

Yes, currently the popup menu does not fire the respective events you need.

Feel free to provide a pull request in diagram-js that adds events on open and close.

HI nikku, is this case still exists? I want to make the Palette localization

It is still the case and localization is not the top priority for us at the moment.

Feel free to provide a PR that adds the functionality.

should I submit this PR on this forum or on the github site?

Submit a PR on the bpmn-js project. We can use GitHub to discuss it, too.

Focus on small footprint and extensibility (i.e. make it easy to plug-in additional languages).

Hi there,
what about localizing the labels of the properties panel as well as help text when hovering over the model palette? Is that also not on the roadmap? I would really like to see that.