Missing Groups/Tabs after after assigning template to service task

After assigning an Template to an Service Task all Groups/Tabs except General, Template and Custom Properties are gone.

This before signing a template:

This after assigning a template:

How can I readd or activate those Groups/Tabs. i.e. I need the Input/Output and Documentation.

Thank you in advance.

The premise of element templates is that you are specific about the exact inputs and outputs that your task produces, and create custom controls for these.

What use case do you want to satisfy that requires an element template with dynamic (no user assistance) input and output?

Hi Nikku,

thank you for your answer. We are creating various business processes for our camunda 7 engine. These processes are calling java classes in our Backend- Server and we are using templates to define these processes as json. We want to be able to hand over any value as input/output parameters to those java classes and be flexible about the value and the amount of this values.

The options provided by an service task was something looking good for us but unluckily most of the groups disappear as mentioned in my question - and re-adding them with something like “camunda:inputParameter” is not working in the web version of the bpmn modeller.

Is this helping you to give an advice what would be best practice for our case?

Thank you in advance