Minified version of resizeAllModule

Sorry for my english, I’m using the translator.

I need the minified version of resizeAllModule.

I am trying to use resizeAllModule to increase and decrease the size of components, in development environment works perfectly, but when applying it in production generates the following error:

main.45a625c77e7be243841a.js:1 ERROR TypeError: i.canExecute is not a function
at 7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1
at Array.forEach ()
at Le.Ie.addRule (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at Le.init (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at Le.Ie (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at new Le (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at Array.u (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at e [as get] (7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1)
at 7.39eea296963ba3025465.js:1
at Array.forEach ()

from what I saw this error occurs because of buildOptimizer, for resizeAllModule to work in production I believe it will be necessary to use a minified version, but I don’t know if that version exists. Could someone please help me?

Could you link to your sources so we know what you are talking about? What is this resizeAllModule you are mentioning.

resizeAllModule is the function of increasing or decreasing the flowchart items

the import to use it is this: import resizeAllModule from “bpmn-js-nyan/lib/resize-all-rules”;

this.modeler = new BpmnModeler({
container: “#canvas”,
width: “100%”,
height: “550px”
// additionalModules: [resizeAllModule]

sorry but i am not authorized by the company to share the source of the project