Merging seperately created DMN diagrams into one

I encounter problems trying the following: I created a number of seperate DMN diagrams, each containing on DMN decision table. We then realized it would be better to show them all in one DRD, since some of them seem to share the same inputs. I tried to just copy the <decision> section from the existing DMN into the new one. As soon as I had the XML of two DMNs merged in one several duplicate warnings poped up in the log. I then realized that indeed the IDs of <decision>, <decisionTable>, <input>, <output> and so forth were all the same in my DMNs. Of course I could now parse each XML and change these IDs to be unique but hopefully there is a simpler way to mere my DMNs. Thanks for input on how to solve that.

We don’t offer a merge decisions utility.

How many clashing IDs did you encounter? IDs are generated at random and should provide you with enough entropy to not clash en mas (event across different diagrams).

Thanks for the info nikku. There are quite a few duplicate ID which was probably caused by me “saving as” these diagrams and then altering them to get a new on. But I find a way to work around that and just search/replace them with something unique.