Manual & Tutorial about diagram-js y bpmn-js

Is anyone interested in being hired to develop: 1. a manual on how to use diagram-js and 2. a tutorial on how diagram-js was used to create bpmn-js?

I’ll do it for 90€/h.

Just kidding. We are aware of the lack of documentation in regards to our toolkits and the difficulties that users are going through. We’ve decided to invest into that topic and create a comprehensive documentation accompanied by examples. Have you studied the existing resources?


Do you have any specific questions? Why do you need to understand the relationship between diagram-js and bpmn-js?

philipp fromme:

Yes, the technical people of my team reviewed both links. However, I want a more detailed step by step manual and/or tutorial. My final objective is had a team with the capability of develop more stencil sets in a fast and high quality way.

Probably, if I want to be more precise, we need an User Manual or Tutorial called:

“How to made, step by step, new stencil sets using BPMN.IO’s tools”.

… and, I am not joking. I am willing to pay or invest to obtain this manual.

By other side and in the short term, now we are not in the automation business. We are more involved in the modeling phase, previous to automation. In other words, we want a non exclusive alliance with Camunda where: we offer modelling services and Camunda or his partners develop the automation part.

Do you know who can help us in this goals?

Best regards.

Juan Carlos

Hi Juan Carlos,

Thanks for your interest in partnering with Camunda. Since we usually do not have partnerships for our tools, we have forwarded your request internally to our partner managers to discuss if this is something we’d like to proceed with. Please be aware that it might take a couple days to come up with an answer to your request.

Beest regards,

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We are talking of two different things.

In one side, we want to hire someone to develop an User Manual or Tutorial called:

“How to make, step by step, new stencil sets using BPMN.IO’s tools”.

In the other side, if Camunda is interested, we can make a partnership to send to Camunda our customers that want to automatize their processes.

My priority now is the User Manual or Tutorial.

Best regards.

Juan Carlos

Can you explain what you mean by stencil sets and what the use case is?

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How can I answer you?

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Juan Carlos.

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As I said already, we are working on a comprehensive documentation of our toolkits. Until that is available, you’ll have to stick to the existing resources that I pointed out. We don’t have the resources to make everyone in the forum an expert.

Feel free to build any domain-specific toolkit on top of diagram-js, just like we did with our toolkits.