Load second diagram as sub-process to opened diagram

Hi All,

as above, I’m looking for possibility to load another diagram into opened canvas.

I use bpmn-loader, bpmn-modeler wrapped with Angular and I’m completely new to BPMN.
For now I’ve implemented personal properties providers with creation of own panel tabs.

  1. Additional button, anywhere, that loads another diagram from drive
  2. Loaded diagram would be “pasted” to currently opened canvas and wrapped as sub-process


1.Which way would be the best to handle this?
I’ve been thinking about some service to load current canvas and then re-load it with added sub-process,
maybe there is some clever way to do this with help of any bpmn libs?

  1. Could you please advise any flow?
  2. What should I avoid?
  3. I’m aware of possible id conflicts between loaded and existing diagrams, anything else like this I should keep eye on?

edit: 5. Sub-process would be a better fit or pool as wrapper, from philosophy of BPMN point of view?

I will be very thankful for any suggestions:)

So you basically want to do this:


That would be an import into an existing diagram which is not supported by the toolkit and would have to be built from scratch.

Well, somewhat like this, diagrams no need to be loaded into other one - it can be on side.
Same canvas is important.


Your gif solution with multi diagrams in tabs and copy/past selection could help too, is that part of toolkit?
Can I use it?

That’s the Camunda Modeler. It’s a free desktop application.


Thanks fro all answers.

I cloned Camunda Modeler to check it out, but I cannot start app client alone with npm run client:dev.

As I guess, I am missing some context .Any chance you could help me?
I don’t have any issue with running app by whole via npm run app:dev but I would prefer to use it in web browser

It’s a free desktop application.

It’s not able to run standalone in a web browser. The client has to built on top of the electron background app, and is communicating via ipc to it.