Live preview of transitions when moving objects


Is there a way to enable a live preview of the transitions when an object is being moved? Just like when a transition is being moved, you can see a live preview of what it will look like when you stop dragging it.

Currently, only the moved object has a preview while the transitions and the former position of the object are greyed out.

Thanks in advance!

Can you be elaborate and maybe add a screenshot? I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

Thanks for you reply!

So when you move a shape, there is a preview of the new position of the shape. But there is no preview of the connection. See Screenshot
Screenshot from 2023-01-16 11-26-03

When you move a connection on the other hand, you get a preview of the connection as soon as you move it.

What I’m looking for is a way to show a live preview of the connections when I move a shape.

Did that help?

Got it. Connections are only previewed during connect and create. For move this feature wasn’t added yet. Without looking into it I cannot tell you how much effort it would be to add it.

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