Linking distinct processes via start/end points

If a process ends (e.g. Process 1.1.) and throws to a completely different process (e.g. 3.2.), what is the BPMN compliant method of indicating this?

Is it by using a none end event with a description including the two process IDs, such as: ‘1.1./3.2. Process completed’, OR is there another notation?

I would be inclined to use link start and end events (throw and catch), but under BPMN 2.0, link markers only apply to intermediate events, not end events. Intermediate events cannot be used to throw to completely different process.

Many thanks

Please be visual. Share the process you’ve modeled and we may be able to help you.

Hi @ksanyee,

you can connect different processes with message (send) end events ( and message (receive) start events (

Hope this helps, Ingo

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