Link two examples


I was wondering if it is possible to link two examples together in the index.html file of one.
For example, I am trying at the moment to link the diffing example with the modeler one by calling a href in the index.html of the modeler to the diffing html like this :
< a href = “…/…/diffing/bpmn-js-diffing/app/index.html” target="_blank">Go To Diffing "

It doesn t seem to be working, essentially I would like to achieve a button that takes me to a new webpage that has the Diffing incorporated but this isn’t working.

Any insight with this would be helpfull,
Thank you

This exceeds the scope of and is more about general web development. I guess there is an issue with your relative paths.

Cheers @philippfromme !
I did manage to resolve it by serving the project on a Apache server.
Sorry if I asked a unrelated question to the scope of but I was a bit desperate .
Thanks again.