Link to other bpmn file

Hi, all!

We are using comunda modeller to describe processes in our company.

Modeller is great! But it’s really hard to operate large amount of files that represent sub-processes of some big process. We are storing them in different files, and opening them manually.

Is there any possibility to link Sub-process (or Task) plate with external file and open it with one click (or two)? (in separate tab)

Maybe such feature is planned to develop?
Or any workaround exists?

Not yet implemented. We are open regarding feedback how to implement this (feature wise).

Open issue: camunda/camunda-modeler#112.

Thanks for answer!

I’ve added a comment to that issue and described how I understand this feature.

I was thinking about this problem a bit last night. Having the ability to ‘navigate to’ a subprocess is quite important. Problem is, is an authoring tool and typically that functionality would exist in a ‘rendered view’?

What may work is having a CMD+click in place (such as you would find in Visual Studio and other) to trigger an ‘open file’ command based on the name assigned in properties?

That would work and it would be the Camunda Modeler that provides the actual linking,

I’m thinking the same yes. Right inside the modeler. I haven’t looked at the code yet. Would you guys need any help?