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My app uses and I’m adding a chat widget that positions itself in the bottom right corner, which overlaps the logo. In order to comply with the license, is it possible to move the logo to the bottom left, or at least shift it slightly to the left within the bottom right corner, so it remains fully visible?



We’ve discussed your request within the team, and we think it’s OK to move the logo so that it’s still fully visible.

Would you like to share your application link? Perhaps it could be featured at GitHub - bpmn-io/awesome-bpmn-io: A curated list of related projects and resources.

Also, I noticed that the logo on your screenshot is quite dated. Is there any particular reason to not use the latest version of bpmn-js?

we are using

"bpmn-js": "7.3.0",
    "bpmn-js-properties-panel": "^0.46.0",
    "bpmn-moddle": "^8.0.1",
    "camunda-bpmn-moddle": "^6.1.1",

this is from package.json, and i checked the node_modules/bpmn-js , license file is aleady there, do we need to add anything else?

and i cant see any logo of bpmnio on canvas

If you go to BPMN Editor | bpmn-js modeler Demo |, you can see how the logo looks from roughly bpmn-js@8.

Thank you for your feedback!

Our app, Qflow (, is a web-based BPM tool designed to efficiently automate business processes. We would love to be featured on the curated list of projects.

We are currently using an older version of bpmn-io because of extensive customizations, making migration challenging. However, we plan to update it within this year.

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