License Questions

I am planning to use the toolkit and web modeler in my own application. The license states:

The source code responsible for displaying the logo (two green cogwheels in
a box) that links back to as part of rendered diagrams MUST NOT be
removed or changed.

I have got a couple of questions regarding this (Note: Answers taken from below inlined).

Thanks in advance!

Questions (and Answers)

The following collects a number of license related questions and their respective answers.

Do I have to display the logo if I create my own modeler based on bpmn-js?

You have to display the project logo as soon as you reuse substantial portions of the library or any other library licensed under the license (bpmn-js, dmn-js, cmmn-js).

Can I change the size or position of the project logo?

You cannot change the size and position of the logo.

Do I have to display the logo when building a modeler based on diagram-js?

The diagram-js library is MIT licensed and can be used without restrictions.

I would still love to get rid of the logo!

Get in contact with Camunda sales and request a re-licensing agreement.

Yes, you need to display the logo, independent of whether you use the default bpmn-js distribution or an extended/customized variant.

This makes sure integrators keep a link back to the project that provided them with the necessary tools, free of charge.


Hi Nikku,

I appreciate your time and efforts on the project. I have one last question regarding this topic: Is it possible to make the logo just a bit tinier, like the size of the plus and minus buttons for zooming in and out? I am asking this because the logo is already eye catchy (green colors).




Short answer: No, it is not possible to adjust the size of the logo.

Long answer: If we change the logo size we need to do it as part of the bpmn-js project. Feel free to provide a pull request (PR) to the project, proposing an updated logo size and why you think it is useful. This gives us the chance to review your proposal and potentially merge it.

I hope this clarifies things.

Would it be possible to purchase a license or make an alternative agreement to either remove the logo altogether or move it to another place in our application?

Do you have a sales contact that we could discuss this with?

We need this too…
I think my boss contacted you about it recently.
More than happy to have links and project details in the documentation and help->about type screens, passing back any modifications we make etc etc, but having the click-able logo is a potential issue.

Please have a think and see if there is any way of allowing this.

We do not offer any kind of relicensing agreement at the moment. Get in contact with Camunda sales and request a re-licensing agreement.

Without a re-licensing agreement you have to accept the license terms and give proper attribution whenever you want embed our toolkit to display or edit BPMN 2.0 diagrams.

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I have opened a pull request which will open a lightbox when the project logo is clicked.

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Are there any updates on this ?

We tried contacting sales (apparently) - and were told its not possible and wont be possible.
Only - if this is likely to remain the case - I will need to move to a different drawing package that can be licensed without the need for a green link icon.

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@zz9pa You’d need to use another library for embedding BPMN diagrams then. Sorry for that.

A quick update on this:

@adbre We are going to merge your pull request and make the light box the default behavior for the modeler. That should allow users to include our library without the concerns you have raised.

In addition we are going to clarify the fact that the logo must be visible when bpmn-js is being used. See relevant issue.

It is now merged into master branch! :v:

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I’d like to know if the same conditions apply to a forked version focused in a different industry, eg. to chemical process flow diagrams. Basically, I would replace all the bpmn support and replace it with other “standard”. Or do I need to start from scratch only with diagram-js?

By forking bpmn-js you agree to adhere to our license, too.

So short answer: You have to start from scratch with diagram-js only.

I understand. Thanks nikku.

So if we build on top of diagram-js we are not forced to display the logo, right? I have no problem on giving credit somewhere in my app, I am just thinking it can be confusing to my users having multiple logo’s displayed in the main application screen. Thanks again!

@paulv The diagram-js library is MIT licensed and can be used without restrictions, as long as you do not reuse substantial portions of bpmn-js ( license).

I assume more people will ask this in the future. Because of that I updated your initial post with the common questions (and related answers); all taken from the discussion in this thread.

Understood, thanks Nikku!

Have You built anything using only diagram js?

I need only Start event, End event and task boxes in my BPMN app. I cannot display LOGO as per my company polices. Is there anyone who has built using diagram js or are there any libraries which does only this and is public license?