Lane size increase should not decrease other lane's size

Hi all.

When discovering that they need more size in a lane, my users regularly do not use the space tool but try to increase the lane size itself. However, this currently decreases the size of neighbor lanes - which is typically not wanted. See:

This behavior is intentional. Our reasoning behind building it is the following:

  • Lanes are “just” visual cues
  • Lanes should not hinder users in modeling inside a participant
  • The least we move elements around the better (noise / risk to break layouts)

We took a different approach in the Camunda Eclipse Plug-in and felt like this way of interaction is the superior one. Feel free to challenge that :wink:.

I understand that and actually agree with it. The described behaviour does have certain unfortunate consequences when it comes to the fluentness of working with lanes. However, after having read your comment I think now that improved support for visual layoutting of lanes should do it and better fit with what already exists… I will continue to observe that area and try to better understand what is actually needed…