Labels on custom elements are not shown

I draw my custom elements in my CustomRenderer like this:

    drawShape(parent, shape) {
        let url = '';
        if (is(shape, "regularBPMN:Resource")) {
            url = '';
        } else if (is(shape, "regularBPMN:Entity")) {
            url = '';
        var svg = svgCreate('image', {
            x: 0,
            y: 0,
            width: shape.width,
            height: shape.height,
            href: url
        svgAppend(parent, svg);

        return svg;

This is working and added elements are drawn. I can also add a text to the element but it will not be shown.
However, the text is stored in the model:

    <regularBPMN:resource id="Resource_1c381at" name="Test" />

Input Text:

After Input Text:

Can someone give me a tip on what I have to do to make the text appear?

Next: The text should appear centered below the element (also for typing). How can I get that done?
Thank you for your support

In order to implement labels for custom elements, you would need to implement your own LabelEditingProvider .

Hi, I guess the easiest approach is to just draw the label in your drawShape method. This is how I once realized this:

ResourceRenderer.prototype.drawShape = function(parentNode, element) {
  var businessObject = element.businessObject,
      type = businessObject.type;

  var width = element.width,
      height = element.height;

  // draw your shape 
  // ...
  // add label
  if ( {
    var lines ='\n');
    var textArea = svgCreate('text');
    var text = '';
    var fontsize = 12;
    for (var i = 0; i < lines.length; ++i) {
      text += '<tspan x="' + width/2 + '" y="-' + ((lines.length-i)*fontsize-fontsize/2) + '">' + lines[i] + '</tspan>';
    svgAttr(textArea, {
      fontFamily: 'Arial, sans-serif',
      fontSize: fontsize,
      textAnchor: 'middle',
      width: width,
      x: width,
      y: 0
    svgAppend(parentNode, textArea);

Alternatively, you can create an external label, e.g., as described here:


However, this approach was a bit more complicated for me and there might be easier solutions for your case.

Hi @beatriz.mendes
Thank you for your hint. I have tried to implement my own LabelEditingProvider, but it will not be used. I have posted a new question about this:

Perhaps you can help me?