Labels of associations reappear after save & load in CMMN

I’m trying to delete the labels that are automatically shown for associations between CMMN elements. They say something like occur or complete. If I delete them, they are gone from the screen, but if I save the file and reload it, all labels are back again. I would expect to either delete them in the XML code as well, or save an additional “view state” so that I can toggle whether labels are shown or not.

Hi @rpe,

if you are using the Camunda Modeler you can toggle the visibility of a standard event using the properties panel:

The visibility is also persisted to the XML so the standard event stays hidden when you reopen the diagram.

The label deleting issue seems to be a bug. I created an issue for it so we can investigate that. But for now you should be fine if you don’t delete labels but toggle the visibility using the properties panel shown above.

My version of the Camunda modeller does not have a properties panel for CMMN and neither does the public demo on have. We have included the current version of the CMMN properties panel in our Web-based modeler and it is working now, as suggested. Thanks