Issue with rendering BPMN diagram on my website

I am having an issue with rendering my BPMN diagram on my website. I have used a third-party library to generate the BPMN diagram, but when I try to display it on my website, some of the elements are not rendering properly. Specifically, some of the text labels are being cut off, and some of the arrow are not displaying at all. I have tried adjusting the size of the diagram and the font size, but noting seemed to be working. Has anybody else experienced this issue and found a solution?

Not sure. However if you share a screenshot we may be able to dig into this issue.

Can I share website link where I made BPMN diagram? I hope you will understand issue after watching it.

Why don’t you just do that?

Start by checking the documentation of the third-party library you are using. Look for any known issues or troubleshooting guides related to rendering problems. Additionally, explore their support forums or community platforms to see if others have reported and resolved similar issues.

It seems like you’re facing a rendering issue with your BPMN diagram on your website. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially solve the problem:

  1. Check Documentation: Review the documentation of the third-party library you’re using. There might be specific guidelines or settings related to rendering BPMN diagrams that you might have missed.
  2. Browser Compatibility: Ensure that the library and your website are compatible with the browsers you’re testing. Sometimes, rendering issues can be browser-specific.
  3. CSS Styling: Verify if there are any conflicting CSS styles on your website that might be affecting the rendering of the BPMN elements. Inspect the elements using browser developer tools to see if there are any conflicting styles.
  4. Container Size: Confirm that the container where you’re rendering the BPMN diagram has enough space to display all the elements properly. Adjust the container’s dimensions if needed.
  5. Font Size and Type: Double-check the font settings in both the library and your website. Make sure they are consistent and appropriately sized to ensure text labels are displayed correctly.
  6. SVG Scaling: If the library generates the BPMN diagram as an SVG, be aware that SVGs can sometimes have scaling issues. Ensure that the SVG is being rendered at its original size without any unintended scaling.
  7. Error Handling: Check if the library provides any error messages or logs that might give insights into what’s causing the rendering issue.
  8. Library Updates: Ensure that you’re using the latest version of the library. Sometimes, updates can address known rendering issues.
  9. Community or Forum Support: Search for forums or communities related to the third-party library. It’s possible that someone else has faced a similar issue and found a solution.
  10. Contact Support: If none of the above steps work, consider reaching out to the support or community forum of the library. They might be able to provide specific guidance based on your setup.
  11. Make A Tutorial: While doing all the process make sure to make Video tutorial using Capcut Mod APK because some people prefer to follow video tutorials.

Thanks for the helpful information.

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