Issue while integrating BPMN IO to Web Application


I am integrating BPMN IO to our web application. We have the index.html included in a jsp already existing in our project. While integrating the following error occurs

attribute transform: Expected number, “matrix(NaN,NaN,NaN,NaN,…”. in snap.svg.js.

I used NodeJS and grunt commands to build a “dist” folder and placed all the contents into the web application. Please help me find solution for this.

Hey @Bindu_Madhav
Check all the relative path to specific location of your project. If you scattered all dist in to different different location then try to give right path for that. If you have specific questions please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

Hai Dipalim,

I appreciate the fact that I could find this fix you have mentioned upright,
But could you please elaborate or give a more defined fix.

that would be very help ful as I am facing the same issue

Thanx a lot in advance, I appreciate this

Hello @arjunKumbakkara

In above solution I was trying to explain relative path concept means your location project is in any directory give an that folder path using their relation. Try to debug that index.js on console. Might be this is helpful for you.
I am new for this I don’t have much knowledge regarding to BPMN integration.