Is there a function or any way to force a render in bpmn io?

I’ve updated @Material UI v4.0 to @MUI v5.0 and then, when I try to change a lane name with code, it simply doesn’t render.
I have to save and then re-open so I can see the changes.
Is there a pre made function to do this render or any way to do this manually?

The update of an unrelated library broke rendering in bpmn-js? How are you updating the lane’s name?

like this

I forget to say, but apparently everything works except the render.
so, when I save and re open, it looks just fine. this is the reason that I want to force a render.

You shouldn’t ever have to rerender manually. How are modeler.addLane and modeler.updateLabel implemented?

This is my modeler:

    const modeler = (modelerRef.current = new Modeler({
      container: bpmContainerRef.current,
      keyboard: {
        bindTo: window
      propertiesPanel: {
        parent: "#properties"
      additionalModules: [

and those methods I’ve found there:

[Is There a way to create a lane already with name?]

  • You can create the lane and then update the label:
const newLane = modeling.addLane(target, position);
modeling.updateLabel(newLane, "new label");
  • Does this work for you?

@philippfromme any idea?

Here’s an example of adding a lane and updating its label: Create Lane Example - CodeSandbox

Please tell me what you’re doing differently.

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