Is there a BPMN-IO API?

Is there any API Docs for BPMN-IO (and/or BPMN-JS and/or BPMN- moddle)?

After going through quite of BPMN Docs, reading Walkthrough, after starting and customising quite of examples,
I still could not find some API docs

Hey, sadly we don’t have an API reference documentation yet, but we’ll make it happen.

The bpmn-js-examples repository is pretty useful.

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Thanks @oguzeroglu,
Yes, I’ve gone through several of those examples already.
looking forward to API ref :slight_smile:

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P.S. As I see, the most of your classes are well documented with jsdoc documentation
So you could automatically generate documentation with

so far I have to go through those classes each by each to see what goodies are there :slight_smile:
E.g. there are undocumented gems in:
bpmn-js/lib/util folder etc …

We’re considering a more customized solution with a better UX. We have many different APIs, both private APIs and public. We do not want to document everything, as it has little value to the end user.