Is it possible to hide overflow label text for element?

The element will look better if looks like below image.


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I think people should keep their task labels short to prevent overflows.

We cannot simply cut labels of. Maybe someone likes overflowing labels (i.e. for producing BPMN art)?

No, Don’t cut it, just hide it. On double click display whole text.

Was there ever a answer to this ? Is the library able to truncate labels if they get too long?

Nope, this is not a feature the library currently supports.

i can see that you guys won’t be supporting this, but i still need to find a solution to my problem, perhaps you can direct me in a right direction. if i extend out the modler, would i be able to pass in style options to textRenderer??. right now I am pushing data into and rendering is happening by default

Hi Guys,
Has this feature been implemented ?
@simgill13 were you able to solve this?

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