Is it possible to color text outside shapes?

I notice the text inside a task takes the color of the stroke set for the element while the text under an event or a gateway stays black. Is it possible to change the color of those texts?

To change the color I’m using modeling.setColor(...);

Thanks in advance.


So far I found the way to do it in css, but only as a global color.

.djs-label {
    fill: textColor;

I paint the elements as a way to show they are “configured”, so they start blank and then they get painted. I guess I can do the trick with css class toggling and using some listeners attached to the eventBus, but I would prefer to handle this using bpmn components like modeling.

Can some developer confirm there is no functionality to handle text color?


Changing the color of external labels is not implemented yet, sorry. I’ve created an issue for that. Not sure when we’ll build this, though. Pull requests are always welcome.