Integration with Camunda Extensions

Hi all, I’m building a custom modeler around and I need to give support to the Camunda BPMN extensions like camunda:expression. I understood that I need to register a JSON file containing the definitions, but I couldn’t find a complete JSON definition for the extensions. Is there any?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gabrielmldantas, welcome in our forum!

You can find a definition of the camunda extenstions here:

Do you already know our properties panel? It supports the editing of bpmn and camunda properties in the modeler. You can find an example of how to add the camunda extensions as a moddle extension here.

Hope that helps! If you have questions, let us know :smile:

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Hi, thanks, I was only searching through the repositories and I forgot to look at the Camunda repositories :smile:

I’ve already looked into the properties panel, I guess that will help me greatly.

Once more, thanks!

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