Integrating Toolbar into the bpmn canvas

I have implemented the BPMN modeler and properties panel into the canvas. I am now trying to integrate the toolbar at the bottom of the canvas that will allow me to save the diagram while also allow to import one. I tried importing { Toolbar } from the bpmn-js-properties-panel but it does not exist.

What kind of Toolbar are you referring to? Can you attach a sketch of what you are trying to achieve?


As seen in the app, I want the panel or buttons at the bottom that would allow for saving, uploading and exporting the bpmn diagram.

Those are implemented in the integrating application and don’t come with the properties panel.

You can check out an example implementation for download/SVG download in our examples, e.g. for the Minimap demo:

Thank you for the reply. However the link is broken and gives out a 404 error page

Hi @Akgigyani,

here is a working one: (at least for me)

Hope this helps, Ingo