Integrating Bpmn Viewer in Angular app

Hi Community,
I was able to use Pre-Packaged Version of bpmn in plain javascript and display the bpmn xml in browser.
Now, I wanted to extend this to angular app, so I had to use npm version of bpmn-js. This is where everything is going down-hill. I was able to get pass of many issue but now I am stuck, hoping if some-one can please help / suggest me here. I have used “bpmn-js”: “^13.0.8”.
Below are lines of code in one of the component in angular app -

import BaseViewer from 'bpmn-js/lib/BaseViewer';

  selector: 'app-view-process-instance',
  templateUrl: './view-process-instance.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./view-process-instance.component.css']
export class ViewProcessInstanceComponent {
  viewer: BaseViewer | any;
  constructor(private route : ActivatedRoute, private processDefinitionService : ProcessDefinitionService) {  }
  ngOnInit() {   
     this.viewer = new BaseViewer({
      container: '#canvas',
      height: 1000,
      width: 2000
    let xml = ..... bpmn diaram xml from camunda api .....

  async parseBpmnView(xml:string) {
    console.log('from view-component');    
    await this.viewer.importXML(xml);

But i am getting below issue -

Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Do you use a minifying setup? Angular is known to aggressively remove our minification hints.