Integrate postit-js with bpmn modeler?

I have been looking on how to add Postit-js functions on my currently existing bpmn, as I googled, I’ve got into " Custom Elements in bpmn-js" but I am not sure if that’s how I’d do it since postit-js already exists… the goal would be to add Post-it functions on my BPMN “tool bar”/properties panel… is it possible? Are there any directions I could follow to make it happen?

And should that be way too complicated - is it possible to have both post-it properties panel AND bpmn panel coexisting?

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Hi @ahmandi, welcome to the forum!

Meaning “postit-js” I assume you mean this project? Please note that postit-js was built on top of diagram-js and has nothing to do with the BPMN standard. The architecture behind postit-js was mainly adopted from bpmn-js though.

Can you explain a bit more in detail why you need this capabilities inside bpmn-js? What do you want to achieve?

In general, the custom elements example can be indeed a good starting point. You’d need to mirror the custom postit-js rules, moddle, modeling operations, and so on in the way bpmn-js can consume it.

is it possible to have both post-it properties panel AND bpmn panel coexisting?

Which properties panel for postit-js do you mean? As far as I know, there is no official one.


Hi @Niklas_Kiefer ! Thank you.

Yes, I meant that exact project! And as I kept on reading, I understand that now.

I wanted to achieve:

  • To be able to add a simple post-it function (just like in the project you mentioned) to an existing BPMN which already has some shapes on it), I need it mainly because I have to learn more about BPMN in general, so my task is to add a post-it to it to be able to leave “reminders” on the screen.

So I get it, I basically study what happens in Post-it and mirror it to my bpmn-js as an additional, that already answers my question, thank you very much!

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