Integrate bpmn-js modeler in external html/css application

I’m developping an HTML/CSS application, and i want to use the bpmn-js to create and manage bmp diagram.
There is any way to use bpmn-js code in my html page to realize this.
Thank you

Have a look at this example for using a packaged version of the modeler and this example for using the modeler in an application using CommonJS modules.

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Thank you @philippfromme for your response,
I have look these two example, what i mean is: can i use directely the code of bpmn-js in my pages without installing the project with bower or npm

What do you mean by ‘installing’? When you’re ‘installing’ the bower package you’re just downloading the whole application as one file. See this part of the example.

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I mean that i want to pick the bpmn-js code, and use it in my html/css pages. By doing this i can customize the code to manage a specific fonctionnality in my application.

Sorry, can you please explain in more detail what you want to achieve? What customization do mean? Maybe this guide will help you.

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Sorry I just discovered this librarie, so before starting to use it I would like to have some information to know if it will allow me to realize what I want to develop.
So if you do not mind, I would like to ask you few questions:

1- Will I be able to use directly the js code of the library in my html files (ie I will directly take the js files from the library and put them next to my html files, and then call To these js files from my html code).

2- If I install bpmn-js with npm or bower, and I develop my application using bpmn-js and html / css after my application is finished, when I want to deploy it on a machine other than the one on which I have to install the bpmn-js on the machine on which my application is deployed or the code is directly included in the final application?

  1. Yes. Have a look at the example again. This is exactly what we’re doing there.
  2. The easiest thing is to download either the bower package or just download the bundle directly.
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Thank you;
I’ll see this and give you a feedback;
The example link don’t work, can you resend it again please.