Integrate BPMN Examples much easier

Concerning for my Bachelor Thesis for Computer science , I am considering if it is possible to make the Integration of some Examples easier with help of some helper Tools . For instance, a way to create and add a new element within a few minutes with help of an additional tool . Do you think this topic is worth to consider and would someone want to use such helper tools, if the work would end successful?

Kind regards

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That sounds interesting :+1:

How would you imagine such a tool? Would it generate all the necessary parts of a custom element definition from a boilerplate?

Yes, after entering the necessarry information with help of a GUI, the tool should generate the needed code files and paste it to the selected project. This way it should be possible to create new elements within a few minutes. Do you think, that someone would want to use it? I think this to create is difficult enough to be suitable for my bachelor thesis

Creating custom elements is one of the biggest topics here in the forum and is really frequently asked.

So it’s definitely an interesting topic idea :tada: Feel free to approach us here in this forum if you need inspiration and/or help.

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Thanks for the Feedback. I am sure to encounter some problems during the Development, so I am glad that I can ask then here.

Hi @vdeppe,

it would be nice if your tool provides help to developers (like me) that are not deeply familiar with the required npm dependencies.

Thanks for advice. I will regard the issue concerning npm dependencies. Good idea