Inject values into the 'Binding' dropdown of a subprocess

I’m looking to find out if it’s possible to inject our own values into this select element labelled “Binding”:


If it’s possible, please give me a hint on how it would happen - are the values to be read from a custom property in the subprocess’ diagram element, or in some other way?

These options are defined in the properties panel:

They cannot be configured so you’d have to replace this component.

What can I use as reference on how to extend the properties panel with additional sections? I guess I need to add something custom alongside the “Details” section?

This example shows how to create properties panel extensions via a custom properties provider. Overriding existing tabs by adding additional sections is not easily possible at the moment, the best way would be to copy the existing General Tab by adding your custom property part.

One dirty way would be to insert your new property into the existing properties parts. The Camunda Modeler is doing something similar.

Thanks a lot! I’ll try to follow these examples and come back with any more questions.

@Niklas_Kiefer , @philippfromme - I assume that due to the binding dropdown not being customizable, it would not be possible to change the default value of the binding dropdown to be “version” and replace the input field that shows for the version with a dropdown that receives values from outside?

As @philippfromme mentioned, the whole current entry is not configurable. Therefore you will have to create your own, custom one with the changes you need.

If you do this, there should be no reason that the things you require are not possible

Proposal: try to integrate your custom implementation and come back once you stuck somewhere. We will definitely try to help you if you have specific questions.