Inconsistent behaviour entryFactory.table in different operating systems

I created a custom property panel in which I implementation entryFactory.table. Code as follows,

group.entries.push(entryFactory.table(translate, {
        id : 'expression_parameter',
        name: 'expression',
        labels: [],
        modelProperties: ['name', 'value'],
        getElements: () => [ {value: "asdasdsdsfrfssfdaaas", name: 'asdasdsdsaaas1' }, { value: 'asdasdsdsfrfssfdaaas', name: 'asdasdsdsaaas2'}, { value: 'asdasdsdsfrfssfdaaas', name: 'asdasdsdsaaas3' }, { value: 'asdasdsdsfrfssfdaaas', name: 'asdasdsdsaaas4' }],
        editable: () => { },
        show: true,

The above code rendered differently in Mac OS browser and Windows OS browser,
Screenshot 2021-08-25 at 5.52.47 PM
The above screenshot is from the Mac OS browser.

The above screenshot is from the Windows OS browser. Issues what I facing as below,

  • Table cell resizing shown correctly in mac but not in windows
  • There is a text truncate Label inside the cell in both browsers.

Table cell size must be equal to size getting to the table and text must be word warp or character warp

How i resolved this inconsistent issue?

What browser are you using on Windows?

For development using Mac OS Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Client testing on Windows OS Chrome and Edge.
Consistent behaviours (Expected) in Mac OS browser but in inconsistent in Windows OS browser.

Feel free to create an issue in the bpmn-js-properties-panel repo. In the issue, please specifiy the exact version of the browser(s) where the problem appears. Note, however, that we are focusing our efforts on the brand new implementation of the properties panel (GitHub - bpmn-io/bpmn-properties-panel: Properties panel for bpmn-js, built on top of @bpmn-io/pro) and it’s rather unlikely that we fix the bug. We will gladly accept a PR with a fix, though.