Improving the experience of our community members with Community Expectations and Guidelines

As you may have heard, at Camunda we’re busy preparing for the launch of Camunda Cloud GA, our newest product, which delivers on-demand Process Automation as a Service. With Zeebe as the engine that’s powering Camunda Cloud, we’re taking this as an opportunity to rebrand our existing Zeebe communities around this new SaaS offering to make it easier to approach us with all questions about Camunda Cloud.

To generally improve the experience for our community members we introduce Community Expectations and Forum Communication Guidelines in all our community spaces. These best practices will help to ensure that all community members feel welcomed, empowered, and supported as you interact within our community.

Your ongoing support, feedback, and contributions are a big part of what’s gotten us this far, and we look forward to what we can do together in the future!

Read more about these changes and how we’re wanting to better serve you, our community, in today’s blogpost: The Zeebe Community Welcomes Camunda Cloud! - Camunda