Importing .svg in

Hi People,

I have a downloaded SVG file from another team member and I want to access it in the platform. Can I do that as When I have tried to import the platform is expecting the exact bpmn Xml formatted file i.e. with the extension .bpmn. How can I modify the .svg file?

.bpmn is the file type of the actual BPMN diagram, editable via our and many others. .svg is one possible image representation (it is the acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics).

You’d need to ask your team member for the actual BPMN file in order to be able to edit the displayed diagram.

He is unavailable now. So, Just wondering if I can just do any kind of manipulations from my side, so that it will be up and running.

You cannot.

An image (SVG) and a BPMN diagram are two entirely different things.