Imitate behavior of palette

I’m trying to imitate the behaviour of entries in the palette. The reasons not to create a custom palette provider are:

  1. I’m using AngularJS ECMAScript5, and I couldn’t find an example of it on how to do so,
  2. I have custom buttons all around the page, so it’d be quite difficult to supply a custom palette provider.

So far, manually putting the below piece doesn’t make bpmn-js to assign handlers to it (as a sample button outside the actual palette):

<div class="bjs-container">
            <div class="djs-container">
                <div class="djs-palette two-column open">
                    <div class="djs-palette-entries">
                        <div class="group" data-group="tools">
                            <div class="entry bpmn-icon-intermediate-event-none" draggable="true" data-action="create.intermediate-event" title="Create IntermediateThrowEvent/BoundaryEvent"></div>

How do I overcome this?

This approach won’t work. You have to manually use the modeling APIs that are used by the palette.