If there an init function in properties-panel entry?

    id : options.id,
    description : (options.description || ''),
    get : (options.get || defaultGet),
    set : (options.set || defaultSet),
    validate : (options.validate || defaultValidate),
    html: ''

I want to initialize some elements by command when one entry is created. The two current functions — “get” and “set” can not do that. If there a function like that?

anyone can help me ?

Please describe what behavior you want to achieve.

    <a id="1" name="xxx" />
  <B id="2" name="xxx" />
  <C id="3" name="xxx" />

I have define a custom model just like above.
I want to provide a textInputField entry to set value for “a.name”. I had a try, but the value bind to element ‘A’ but no element ‘a’.
Then I rewrite ‘get’ function of the entry to get value from the sub element of ‘A’, and rewrite ‘set’ function to initialize create a sub element ‘a’ for ‘A’, and then read value from input to update it (create and update commands was push in a list). But it didn’t work, the update command can not be processed beacuse the element A doesn’t have its sub element ‘a’ yet.

What kind of model is this? I’m confused.

my custom model.
I can’t create element ‘a’ in ‘set’ function. There are two way maybe i can try (but i don’t really like them):

  1. Add a ‘+’ button which catch the ‘add’ event and create element ‘a’. Only when user click on it, the textInputField would be displayed.
  2. Create element ‘A’ and ‘a’ when element ‘Task’ is draw on the diagram.